Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mario's Barbecued Skirt Steaks

Took an always fortuitous trip around the block to Mario & Sons on Saturday. Walked in, and decided to ask the junior counter guy what he recommended I BBQ that evening. I guess secretly I was hoping for Mario himself to take over. As if in a land where anything is possible, the butcher/legend leaped from the side-wings with an idea: "Skirt steak! I've been marinating skirt steaks for a day. Take them, they're perfect. For three people? Take all of it." And with that demonstration of care and salesmanship, I purchased 3 pounds of skirt steak.

As we completed our transaction, Mario was kind enough to tell me the recipe for his marinade, which consisted of a 24-hour long soak in:

Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

I returned back home victorious.

We brought the grill up to 400, then dropped a couple wooden sticks that came with the charcoal in the mix to create a small fire. Then the skirt steaks were placed on direct heat for 2.5 minutes per side.

Now, to pause for a moment... my benchmark for good skirt steaks is a very little-known spot called Bar Des Pin in Montreal. BDP has been misconstrued as "Montreal's social underbelly", but Mikey and his pops have old-school access to the same meat distributor as Schwartz's, the oracle of smoked meat in Montreal. There was a flavor and texture there that I'd never tried before.

So back to Mario's skirt steaks- the result was something so far and beyond, I've had to break my normal pre-cooked to cooked photo order on this post. The most distinct taste that came of it though, was the vinegar, which perfectly complemented the smokey charred taste that the great BGE bestowed.

Something to investigate further...

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