Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brandon Jew's Left-handed Breakfast

We're shooting a Munchies in San Francisco with Brandon Jew of Bar Agricole and Brett Cooper of Outerlands. They are stellar dudes with off-the-charts good vibes. We had so much fun two nights ago, we had to postpone interviews the next day.

Showed up at Agricole today for the sit-downs and realized I hadn't had breakfast. Brandon kindly offered to make me something, a near-impossible offer to turn down. I mumbled something like, "Do you have any granola or perhaps a hard-boiled egg?" He disappeared, and in 15 minutes returned with a breakfast. Keep in mind that he did this all with one hand (kitchen accident a week ago).

- Avocado with some fleur de sel
- roasted and refrigerated pork loin
- soft boiled egg
- roasted beets
- bread and butter

If I ate this every day, I'd be a far better person. It's going to be a good day.

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