Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winston Smith - Eat the Meatles

I had the amazing chance to meet and interview the artist Winston Smith in San Francisco last week. He's primarily a collage artist, who everyone knows from doing Dead Kennedy's album covers. But his career spans decades of incredible work, influence and yields a labyrinth of stories he tells with great attention to detail.

Anyhow, at some point we got to talking Meat Hunx. He mentioned that he comes across faded off-color meat adverts for the likes of Spam etc all the time, and would set some aside for my "Meat File". He then informed me of the numbers of solders that were killed during World War II by the Armor Meat Company's rations, and the inevitable ad campaign to clean up their tarnished image.

Today, out of nowhere, he emailed me this work he did in 1995, with the ok to post it. So here that is. He describes the collage accordingly, "I was thinking of the old "Meet the Beatles!" album and this was the natural upshot of that meditation." An honor to have it grace the site.

There should be more Winston Smith's on this earth.

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